The Utility token for the adult industry

An ecosystem that empowers individuals and businesses.

The official utility token of

Putting the needs of creators first and foremost, Pleasure Network is creating safe and inclusive adult platforms, all powered by Pleasure Coin ($NSFW).

Pleasure Network platforms maximize the “creator to fan experience” with fresh, innovative tools that are designed to promote meaningful interaction.

Our vision is to build a safe place for adult performers and sex positive workers to interact with fans, voyeurs, pleasure seekers and everything in between (the sheets).  Many platforms, all utilizing a new standard Pleasure Coin ($NSFW).

The Problem

The adult industry though responsible for the mass adoption of many new technologies has often been vilified and unfairly criticized by the archaic monetization and platform providers of the internet.

The adult industry pushed adoption from VHS to Blu-ray to internet streaming, however as centralized web 2.0 solutions enter the market, adult creators are still reliant on traditional payment processors. This forces creators to be beholden to traditional banking solutions, incurring high fees, chargebacks, payment cancellations, and account closures.

The adult industry has grown from studio-controlled content to creator-controlled content, however, the payment options for creator-controlled content are still controlled and dictated by large corporations. .

Pleasure Network aims to achieve true individual content creator control of their content and payment, by utilizing Pleasure Coin, the $NSFW token, across the decentralized Pleasure Network platforms.

How we’re changing the adult world

Discover the 3 products we’re working on...


Pleasure Network's social platform brings the finest features from existing platforms, driving utility to the token. is a new way for fans and creators to connect.

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Unlock a world of exclusive adult content with PleasureNifty, the Adult NFT Marketplace powered by Pleasure Coin ($NSFW). Our platform utilizes Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) to enable creators to sell unique, one-of-a-kind pieces of content to their fans, while also ensuring that creators are compensated fairly through royalties on all sales.

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Pleasure Network's metaverse, Pleasureland, is the first metaverse truly created for an interactive adult experience, bringing web 3.0 to virtual worlds.

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Q1, 2022
Migration from BSC to the Polygon chain
Rebrand to Pleasure Network & Pleasure Coin
Q2, 2022
Certik security audit complete
$NSFW listing on HitBtc & CoinTiger centralized exchanges
Pleasurely Closed Beta
Pleasurely Beta Launch
PleasureNifty Closed Beta
Q3, 2022
Pleasureland surprise
Pleasure Network's HQ opened in NL
Pleasurely's Payment System
Q4, 2022
Pleasurely Public Release
Documentation about Pleasure Network
PleasureNifty Beta Launch
Mark Hassell joined the team as CMO / Talent Onboarding
Q1 2023
Fiat Onramping for first time crypto buyers
12 Days of Pleasure
PleasureNifty Public Release
Pleasureland NFT Asset minting: Pink Dolls
Staking Rewards V1
ViceWRLD DAO acquisition
Pleasurely Removal of Gating Sign-Up
Q2 2023
Pinkdoll Metaverse Reveal
Podcasts, Twitter Spaces, & select AMA collaborations
Marketing campaigns (Crypto, PR, Global) for $NSFW, Pleasurely, Pleasureland, PleasureNifty
Pleasurely Subscriptions V1
Participation / Sponsorship of SNAP awards 2023
Promotion of Stormy Daniels Dress Auction
Q3 2023
Pleasurely Referrals Program V1
Summer of Pleasure
Podcasts, Twitter Spaces, & select AMA collaborations
Marketing campaigns (Crypto, PR, Global) for $NSFW, Pleasurely, Pleasureland, PleasureNifty
Strategic partnerships for creator onboarding+token growth
Strategic planning and partnerships around NSFWpay
Metaverse partnership for Pleasureland developments
Networking at adult industry events
Onboarding of NFT creators on PleasureNifty
Developments of our social media accounts
Increase of community engagement
Q4 2023
Merchandise Store Launch
PleasureGuide Education Platform V1
Integration of Web 2.0 to Web 3.0 initiatives
Podcasts, Twitter Spaces, & select AMA collaborations
Development of the NSFWpay gateway
Q1 2024
Pleasurely Bug Fixing
Native Bridge Development
Q2 2024
Pleasurely Developments: Bug Fixes
Pleasurely Developments: Direct Messaging
NSFWpay Developments: Staking Revamp
Marketing Campaign
Stormy Daniels Dress Auction
Q3 2024
(NSFWPAY) for $NSFW added utility as a central payment currency
V1 Multiplayer gaming experience environment for PleasureLand
Pleasurely Metadata Tagging feature
Pleasurely Creator Wishlists + Adult Gifting Platform
Creator-Investor Staking Rewards Program with Gamification