This amazing team is made up of 40+ amazing individuals, consisting of artists, developers, and designers. Most of which were chosen from our community, based on their proven skills, crypto savviness, & trustworthiness.

Another 20+ community moderators spread amongst Main Telegram chat, 8 Language group chats, creator chats, collector chats & Discord. That’s what makes this team & community so unique and family-like. When you enter our community, it’s a different type of vibe, and you can feel that right away.

We welcome you to our Pleasure Network Family!

Tim Tim CEO
Mark Mark CMO
Mirthe Mirthe Head of Staff
Cedrik Cedrik Head of Product
Jason Jason Product Manager
Paul Paul Investor Relations
Ove Ove Investor Relations
Dakjo Dakjo Community Manager
Gatinsh Gatinsh Graphic Designer