Pleasure Network’s creator focused NFT marketplace. This was the first application which utilized the $NSFW token. By using NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens) Pleasure Network creators can sell unique, one of a kind pieces of content to their fans.

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By being unique digital assets, these pieces can then be resold by the owners of the NFTs, while ensuring a royalty of all sales will be given to the original creator, ensuring creators are compensated fairly and to incentivize creators to create unique, valuable pieces of content.

The $NSFW token powers this NFT marketplace, ensuring the anonymity of users while guaranteeing payment to the creators. The platform will effectively become a new way for fans and creators to connect as the Pleasure Network ecosystem grows. is the WEB 3.0 upgrade from xxxNifty NFT Marketplace. The multi-chain minter, monumental rarity tools, and marketplace capabilities for original and secondary sales alike.

  • Will launch multiple NFT projects on the new Web3 Marketplace

  • Will be the newest version of Pleasure Network’s NFT Marketplace, going forward

  • White label sales of this amazing marketplace will create another income stream, furthering Pleasure Network’s profits, meaning: More white label sales = Reduced fees to our creators.

  • All Pleasure Network platforms will be utilizing this Web3 Marketplace

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