5 Minute Pleasure Network Interview With Our CMO Mark Hassell

5 Minute Pleasure Network Interview With Our CMO Mark Hassell

Whilst our "Summer of Pleasure" campaign is in full flow, we wanted to catch up with our CMO Mark Hassell & ask him a few very important questions whilst he had 5 minutes to spare....... 💪🏻

So, for everyone that doesn’t know and may be new to the Pleasure Network, was the impetus behind launching Pleasurely? 🚀

The Pleasure Network launched Pleasurely to address the increasing restrictions and issues faced by content creators and websites due to banking institutes and payment processing companies. They aimed to empower creators and fans by providing greater control, essential self-expression tools, and a platform free from fear of judgment or deletion of social media accounts.

In a very short period, won “Fan Platform of the Year” at the recent SNAP Awards 2023. We had some serious competition - Why do you think the site was able to come out on top? 🏆's success in winning "Fan Platform of the Year" at the SNAP Awards 2023 can be attributed to several factors. The exceptional community comprising creators, fans, and investors who supported their vision played a significant role. Their unwavering commitment to being creators first, providing an outstanding user experience, and prioritizing the needs of creators and fans set them apart from the competition.

A big question now, so how can content creators maximize their earnings on Pleasurely? 💰

Content creators can maximize their earnings on through various web3 features like pay-per-view (PPV), subscriptions, tips, free posts, and soon, direct messages (DMs) leveraging cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. The platform encourages creators to share their marketing content and believes in the power of collaboration to continually improve the platform.

The Pleasure Network consists of a number of brands in the ecosystem, but all are Fuelled by the Pleasure Coin $NSFW token, Can you tell everyone about Pleasurecoin - Why it’s a better option for content creators than some of the other payment systems currently out there? 🏧

The Pleasure Network's brands are all powered by the Pleasure Coin ($NSFW) token. Pleasure Coin offers several advantages over other payment systems, including instant withdrawals, uncensored content sharing, competitive fees, user privacy, and no chargebacks. The platform actively promotes creators and takes a "creator first" approach, prioritizing their feedback in the platform's development.

For those new Web3, Crypto and the Metaverse. Can you explain in simple terms how it works and how a content creator can monetise his/her work there? And, our brand “Pleasureland” 🌍

In the Metaverse, Pleasureland is an immersive 3D Adult gaming platform where users can explore their sexual desires. They can own in-game assets like "Pinkdolls" and virtual apartments called "Pleasure Pads." Content creators can monetize their work by offering unique in-game NFT assets for purchase, selling NFT artwork on the marketplace, and providing virtual customized in-game assets (Phygital NFTs). Creators will soon be able to interact with fans using their 3D Avatars and proprietary Face-Tracking system, expanding monetization opportunities within the virtual world.

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