Chief of Operations (COO) Team Addition for Pleasure Network

Chief of Operations (COO) Team Addition for Pleasure Network

To our loyal and dedicated community of investors; In recent times, although the markets may not have been the most favorable, the Pleasure Network team has remained LASER FOCUSED on creating industry-disruptive working products that help empower creators and create a solid foundation for the future of Pleasure Network and its subsidiaries within it. 

As we continue to scale and grow our operations, we are aware of the need to bring in specialized talent at the right time to help cultivate SUSTAINABLE and long-lasting growth to help our star causes and missions.

Keeping all of this in mind, we are THRILLED to announce a new leadership team member to our existing pool of team talent:

Without further ado, we are formally introducing:

Majid, Chief of Operations (COO) on Pleasure Network

Here is additional information on Majid, Chief of Operations (COO) on Pleasure Network:

As a background, he completed a dual degree in Physiology and Neuroscience before shifting to spearhead his own financial wealth management firm for five years, receiving multiple accolades. He transitioned into the Crypto space shortly thereafter. From there, he played an integral role in the growth of multiple crypto companies across various C-level positions, having helped grow some of them near 600Million+ Market Capitalization and in the Top 120 on CMC rankings, one of which is an Adult Entertainment token, many of you may be already familiar with.

He has extensive experience in professional public speaking, business consulting/development, crypto marketing, strategy development, growing multiple crypto projects in an operational role, and an expert understanding of what it takes to scale crypto companies to reach their full potential.

 Tim, CEO of Pleasure Network, had a few words to share on this recent news:

As Pleasure Network kept building during the bearish market, we are now primed and ready to SCALE! With Majid joining our team, I’m fully confident we will be able to do so. His energy and vision are directly in line with ours, and it didn’t take long for me to make the decision to onboard him.”

Majid is excited to bring his extensive Crypto knowledge and experience to help complement our existing infrastructures and help maximize the effects of all the strategies, planning, campaigning, and growth initiatives on the Crypto side of our operations. 

The Pleasure Network team is delighted to have onboarded Majid, and we are confident that he will be playing a vital role moving forward as we continue on our quest to solve the industry gaps that the Adult Industry is facing and to pioneer the space in a decentralized fashion. 

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