Massive Update

Massive Update

PLEASURE NETWORK is excited to announce a MASSIVE PLEASURELY.COM ( update! 

Our newest feature is finally here, and it's a game-changer, "SUBSCRIPTIONS”!

Say goodbye to limited access and hello to unlimited content from your favorite creators! With subscriptions, you can now indulge in exclusive content and perks! 

Feedback from creators has already been massively positive; below are just a few things they had to say.

“Subscriptions are regular financial support for content allows us to buy better equipment, produce better photoshoots and plan further ahead, etc.”.

“As a creator being able to offer subscriptions is hugely important. It will make the app far more multifaceted, which will drive more clientele and of course, many more creators to the platform. Ultimately equalling more profits to myself and a more financially stable income”.

“Subscriptions are more desirable to a lot of my clients because they enjoy the ease of payment and then open access instead of only unlocking only certain PPV. It allows me, as a creator, to  offer better deals, and it also encourages long-term clients. Which is more sustainable for everyone.”

Worried about running out of time to browse through all that content? We got you! We added filters on timelines (for easy access to Free, PPV, and subscriptions!)

The locked posts now come with picture/video counters, so you can see exactly what you're paying for! This is just the beginning of our commitment to more user transparency.

We've also added the option to have up to three pinned posts! Creators can now showcase their best work and connect with their fans in a more meaningful way! 

Plus, we've optimized our video and image-uploading process to ensure a smoother content-creating experience for our creators. 

But wait, there's more! Our team has also fixed several bugs and made many more optimizations which is already making a hugely positive impact on our creators on Pleasurely.

Pleasure Networks CMO Mark Hassell had this to add “This has enhanced Pleasurely untold and makes us super competitive against our competition. Then you add in our key USPs in what Crypto payments give (Privacy, no chargebacks, taking control away from banks / not being dictated to by banks on what creators can post or what we allow is massive. Giving freedom of expression for creators and choice for users, plus the added benefits of instant withdrawals. This ideally positions Pleasurely as a force to be reconned within the adult space”.

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