Pleasure Network: Associate Sponsor for CGC X

Pleasure Network: Associate Sponsor for CGC X

Pleasure Network showcases early stages of its Adult Metaverse at the upcoming CGC One Event — The Main Blockchain Games Conference

Hello $NSFW community. We just want to thank you for your support over the past few months. During these months not only has the company rebranded but went through an extensive tech review of our roadmap which led us to migrate $NSFW to the Polygon ecosystem. We did this because we truly believe in the now and future value of our Pleasure Coin and wanted to make sure that we did all we could to ensure that vision will become a reality.

Next Gen meets Sex Gen.

$NSFW is the fuel that will drive the Pleasure Network sex positive ecosystem including our upcoming community/creator focused metaverse, PleasureLand. If $NSFW is the fuel then you, the community, is the engine that keeps us running. Our team does its best to look to you to help our projects grow to their potentials and we thank you for all your feedback. $NSFW is now listed on major crypto exchanges like HitBTC and PleasureLand Pink Passes have sold out. This could not have happened without your support.

Being a community and creator focused metaverse platform, PleasureLand was recently announced as a sponsor of the CGC X, the tenth edition of the leading blockchain games conference. Taking place on April 28–29, 2022 the team looks forward to two full days of priceless content and networking with over 3,500 delegates.

The team will be revealing a few updates to the wider blockchain community at CGC X, in their virtual booth, and look forward to the opportunity to help grow both PleasureLand and Pleasure Coin by participating at the event. We hope to bring this experience back to our current community with even more exciting news on our roadmap.

Recently, the Pleasure Network team looked to deliver a glimpse into what the team has been working on during our last AMA as well as our updated whitepaper. However, we know that this glimpse only leaves you asking for more. We promise you that when you see what is coming up you won’t be disappointed. In the next few weeks, we will be bringing you closer to PleasureLand with a collection of in-depth videos from our developers and creators. We also promise some surprises.

Here are some highlights from our last AMA.
· PleasureLand development roadmap update
· Pleasure Pass reveal
· New Pleasure Network merchandise
· Content creator Q and A

Our $NSFW community is comprised of both crypto vets and novice naughties and we are building products that can be experienced fully by all. Given the nature of what Pleasure Network is making creator and community safety is of utmost importance and an important reason for taking the time to get this right. We love your support and feedback so stay active in our discord, telegram, and twitter channels and get ready to have your pink dolls sexy stockings knocked off very soon

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