Pleasure Network Launches Creator Referral Program as part of their “Summer of Pleasure” Campaign.

Pleasure Network Launches Creator Referral Program as part of their “Summer of Pleasure” Campaign.

Metaverse, Pleasure Network – 12th July 2023

Pleasure Network, a leading online ecosystem for creators, is thrilled to announce the launch of its Creator Referral Program on This new feature, unveiled as part of the Summer of Pleasure campaign, empowers creators to earn additional revenue by introducing new spending fans to the platform. With a simple and intuitive solution, Pleasure Network aims to reward its incredible creators for their loyalty and commitment to the Pleasure Network ecosystem.

Originally scheduled for release in Q1 2024 according to the roadmap, the development team at Pleasure Network fast-tracked the launch of the Creator Referral Program to provide immediate benefits to its creators. By participating in this program, creators can enhance their earnings with a 5% revenue boost, supplementing the already competitive 80% they earn through

"We are thrilled to introduce the Creator Referral Program as part of our Summer of Pleasure campaign," said Mark Hassell, CMO for the Pleasure Network. "We deeply value the dedication and loyalty of our creators, and this program is designed to further reward them for their outstanding contributions to our platform."

The Creator Referral Program is set to evolve and expand in the coming months, offering even more opportunities for creators to maximize their revenue streams. By leveraging the program's innovative features, creators can generate additional income while building a stronger fan base within the community.

To ensure accurate tracking of sign-ups, Pleasure Network advises creators to guide their fans to include their username in the "Referred By" box during the sign-up process. This critical step allows Pleasure Network to trace the origin of each sign-up accurately and attribute it to the referring creator.

To provide detailed instructions on the sign-up process using the referral program, Pleasure Network will soon release an informative video, accessible to all creators.

For more information about the Creator Referral Program and Pleasure Network's Summer of Pleasure campaign, please contact Mark Hassell at or on Twitter:

Pleasure Network is a leading ecosystem of platforms and products that empowers creators to showcase and monetize their content. With a focus on providing a vibrant and inclusive community for creators and fans alike, Pleasure Network offers a range of tools and features to support creators in their artistic endeavours., the flagship platform of Pleasure Network, serves as a hub for creators from various genres to connect with their audience and thrive in the digital landscape.

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