Pleasure Network: Polygon Migration

Pleasure Network: Polygon Migration

Pleasure Network Ecosystem rolling out their new business objectives and takes on a BSC to Polygon Migration.

In efforts to shirk the negative stigma associated with the Binance Smart Chain, Pleasure Network (Formerly xxxNifty), has not only successfully migrated their N$FW token to Polygon Smart Chain. They have re-branded it as the “Pleasure Coin”. With an original completion of migration date set to be March 28th, the team successfully airdropped the tokens to over 20,000 wallets, 3 days prior to the initial completion date. The staff has been sure to communicate and be very clear with the community in regards to the changes and the community and creators have taken very positively to the migration, and thus the fee reduction for NFT transfers when Pleasure Network launches its new web3 NFT Marketplace. Keep an eye on these mover and shakers as they continue to shake up the scene with their new adult ecosystem which will house its own Pleasureland (metaverse), Pleasurely (adult social media platform), PleasureNifty (Web3 Marketplace) and our now Pleasure Coin.

Ensuring success is something Pleasure Network humbly takes heed in securing their future. Knowing the steps that are necessary to build out an inclusive infrastructure that is open and secure for all those involved in the Adult and Fintech spaces. Careful consideration in planning is really paying off for the Pleasure Network.

Being a company with a standard structure and crypto mindset Pleasure Network wants to be cognizant of making sure they have global reach, not only for future investors in the project and token, however for the creators as well. They are not only building out utility in the form of an adult ecosystem that’s beneficial on the consumer side, however a safe haven that provides its creators anonymity and control over their financial freedom and their content.

With a powerhouse team behind the scenes, and an upcoming drop planned in April for their Only Fans competitor, the future looks like its filled with Pleasure in the Pleasure Network Ecosystem.

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