Buy $NSFW NFT Collection Sale: Up to 50% Off on Renowned Collections NFT Collection Sale: Up to 50% Off on Renowned Collections

Metaverse, 28th July 2023 - Pleasure Network is thrilled to announce the highly anticipated launch of the NFT Collection Sale, featuring an exclusive up to 50% off on select collections. This exciting event is part of the Summer of Pleasure campaign, taking place from 1st August until 31st August 2023. During this limited time, art enthusiasts can acquire renowned collections from Atomic Blonde, PolyAnnie, NiftyDan & Kaiju Mary at significant reductions.

The Summer of Pleasure campaign not only presents extraordinary discounts on existing collections but also introduces fresh NFT collections from new creators, showcasing their fabulous work.

In conjunction with the PleasureNifty Mass Sale, the Pleasure Network is thrilled to unveil an extraordinary opportunity for all NFT enthusiasts. During this period, all NFTs purchased will automatically qualify for exciting competitions, granting participants a chance to win assets, rewards, and prizes worth over $15k as part of the Summer of Pleasure campaign.

"NFT enthusiasts, listen up! If you've been waiting to explore the world of NFTs or expand your collection, this is the perfect opportunity," said Mark Hassell, Chief Marketing Officer for the Pleasure Network. "Our collaboration with incredible NFT creators has led to unprecedented discounts on their collections throughout August. Don't miss out - starting 1st August, it's a fantastic time to invest in these remarkable collections."

PleasureNifty, a trailblazing decentralized web3 NFT minter, launchpad, and multi-chain marketplace, stands as the first of its kind. Empowered by $NSFW, PleasureNifty equips creators with robust tools to effortlessly generate and distribute their own ERC721 and ERC1155 NFT collections, featuring images, audio, video, and 3D game assets on Ethereum and Polygon blockchains. Crucially, creators retain full ownership of their works, enabling them to sell NFTs on the open market and exercise control over their own data. This empowerment fosters stronger engagement with their fanbase, allowing them to showcase their best content through NFTs.

Please note that PleasureNifty operates as an invite-only marketplace and NFT minter exclusively for creators, requiring whitelisted creator wallets to unlock the full potential of the tools.

This Summer of Pleasure campaign presents a unique opportunity for art aficionados, collectors, and creators to embrace the NFT revolution. Don't miss the chance to indulge in this limited-time sale and explore the vast array of NFT collections on

To learn more about PleasureNifty and the Pleasure Network, visit or follow us on Twitter for the latest updates and announcements.

For media inquiries, please contact: Mark Hassell Chief Marketing Officer – Pleasure Network

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