Pleasurely was an official sponsor of the SNAP (Support Network for Adult Professionals) Christmas Event, which took place on Friday 9th December 2022 at the famous gentlemen’s club FYEO (For Your Eyes Only) in London.

Even a bitterly cold night couldn’t stop the UK’s finest talent and industry professionals from turning out in style to party the night away into the early hours of Saturday morning and for us, it was a fantastic opportunity to network and showcase the Pleasurely brand to the 200-300 that attended.

The event was aimed at providing industry professionals with a great opportunity to network, mingle, catch up and have one last shindig before the festive period is upon us. And the night certainly didn’t disappoint across the board.

Attendees were treated to a champagne reception, stage shows from the club’s dancers, close magic from award-winning Josh Hodis (jspaddesmagic), and trendy music. All in the backdrop of the iconic London venue. This is what Christmas is all about.

Our very own CMO/Talent Onboarding Mark Hassell, who is also the SNAP Chairperson, said, “The SNAP events are always a perfect way for the industry to get together and network. This event showed this. For us as a business, Pleasurely was perfectly represented and allowed me to promote our brand to a mix of creators, performers, industry professionals, and businesses we could work with in the future. As a result of the night, expect some amazing creators to come on board soon”.

Check out our Pleasurely Twitter account for some pictures from the night @Pleasurelycom

We are planning our marketing for next year and part of this is looking at other events not just “Pleasurely” can align with but across the entire Pleasure Network brand. We will publish any sponsorship/partnerships or tie-ups for 2023 here and across our social media platforms. 

The Pleasure Network would like to wish our community, the creators, the adult industry, and everyone that has supported us this year a wonderful prosperous Christmas and a fantastic New Year. 

Pleasure Network Team

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